Department of Social Development

Certificate of Registration for Partial Care Facility

Section 82 of the Children’s Act 38, 2005


Certificate of Registration For Early Childhood Development Programme

Section 97 of the Children’s Act 38, 2005


Police Clearance Certificates for All Staff

Part B of the National Child Protection Register – Section 126(1) of the Children’s Act 38 of 2005 and Regulation 44


City of Johannesburg – Environmental Health

Certificate of Acceptability for Food Premises

Regulations 3(3) of the Regulations Governing General Hygiene Requirements for Food Premises and Transport – No. R92 of November 2012


Public Health Permit for a Child Care Service

Section 101 to 116 of Public Health By-Laws Local Authority Notice No. 830 of 2004


City of Johannesburg – Emergency Management Services

Fire Clearance Certificate


South African Revenue Services

Public Benefit Organisation

Income Tax Exemption/Approval in Terms of Section 18A


Preschools 4 Africa

Play With A Purpose – Franchise Licence